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[IPp] Our Pump Update (& Questions!)

Our endo told us last month that it was a go for Nikko to get on the pump, 
but it was just a matter of waiting for MiniMed to sign the contracts to get 
the Paradigm covered.  I called to follow up today & spoke with our 
(wonderful!) CDE who said that somehow the negotiations fell through, or 
something. Anyway the upshot is that we can pay the difference and get the 
Paradigm or get the 508 which is currently covered.  Either would involve a 
20% co-pay (+ the additional fee if we go with the Paradigm).  Our CDE said 
that we can go with another pump if we wanted but their team has the most 
experience with the 508.  They do prescribe both Humalog & Novalog (and 
Novalog seems to be preferred by the team there).

So questions:

I've looked at the side by side comparisions.  I've followed a lot of your 
discussions about customer service.  I guess what I want to know are a few 

1) Can't remeber the upshot of the recent discussion:  which was the pump 
that doesn't "click"?  One that doesn't have the clicking noise?

2) What are the approximate costs of the pumps (the actual pumps, not the 
other acoutrements), so I can get an idea of what our co-pay would be??

I know that this is a very personal deciscion & a YMMV kinda thing.  But I'd 
really love the *personal* feedback on which pump has worked for the majority 
of people (again, knowing it's an individual thing).  It's just the 
side-by-side comparisions don't offer human feedback.  If I were buying a car 
or computer, or trying to find a really good restaurant, I'd ask those who 
would know (and those things are very individual according to a person's 
taste, too!).  So throwing it out there....

Thanks so much!

Marie  :)
Mom to Nikkolas (Nikko) - 7/98
Dx'd 3/01
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