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re: [IPp] highs and lows

<<<From: "Carol Mulligan"
I'm so depressed and frustrated today.  My CDE wants to see us at her office
on tuesday to "brainstorm".  We can't find any pattern to Devin's highs and
lows.  One night he runs high and another he runs low.  She suggested
"scheduled meal times" - yuck, it feels like going back to "forced feeding"
and eating to cover the insulin.  The best thing about the pump, was no more
forced eating and being able to eat when he wants to.  Now, she wants us to
only correct when over 200.  Isn't that too high? >>>>>>>>>

Carol, sorry to hear about the frustration - but it's not uncommon
based on our experience & talking w/ others in those first few months of
pumping.  Our CDE & pump trainer asked us not to do correction boluses unless
Luke was over 240 during the first 6 weeks of pumping so that we could get
the patterns set more easily.   We made basal changes every 3 days as
needed if there was a pattern and so it knocked the consistent highs 
out pretty quickly.  So even if you have to do set meal times, it won't
be for long - just to get things stable.

We've noticed that even with the pump, Luke has better bg's on days that
are on his usual schedule - vacations, etc. tend to make things go up/down
a little more.

Good luck - you'll get it!  
Shelly V, mom to Luke, 7, dx'd 10/99, pumping 3/01

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