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[IPp] Re:correcting lows w/ gum

Just thought I would share something new we have found that Jake loves to 
correct a low with. It is called Nerds Gum and Shocktarts Gum. ( 9g of sugar 
and 9g of carb) He gets so sick of having to eat when he is playing hard 
(which is all the time in the summer!) He keeps them in his pocket and 
doesn't have to come in and eat when it's not convenient. They are great for 
he baseball field too. He plays tournament ball 2-3 games a day sometimes and 
the last thing he wants is to be full/stuffed in 100 degree heat playing 
baseball! They do a great job of correcting him w/out overcorrecting. I'm 
sure the dentist wouldn't agree w/ this, but hey, he didn't live w/ a child 
for 8 years that never got to have all of the junk the other kids did! We 
love them! Trena (mom to Jake 11)
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