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Re: [IPp] From sils to quicksets

> >>>and not just before bed
> >>>because the extended insulin
> >>>feed.
> Does this mean that an extended bolus before bedtime does not work
> because it interrupts the normal basal??  I didnt think the dual or
> square wave interrupted the normal basal delivery.  But I have done
> this before and noticed it didnt help and she ended up being high
> during the night.  Or is this referring to a possible low in middle
> of night?
I don't know who made the above comment, but the problem is not with 
extended bolus or lows per-se. When you go to sleep metabolism change 
dramatically as does the digestion process if you have food on board. 
My experience with Lily suggests that normal waking insulin 
requirements for food drop substantially when you go to sleep. Our 
solution was simply to make sure that she did not go to bed until 4 
hours or so had passed after eating dinner. Light snacks weren't that 
much of a problem, but a full-on, hungry teenager dinner + bolus 
would almost guarantee a low if eaten just before bed.

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