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[IPp] From sils to quicksets

I was wondering if any parents out there have had any experience in
switching from the sil sets to the quicksets?  We recently switched to qs
due to the sils leaving terrible marks on my daughter that took forever to
heal.  The quicksets have made a huge difference in this and seems to agree
with her body better.  Well, sort of.  The old sites heal probably three or
four times as fast as the previous sil sites (which we can still see!), but
we have now been having trouble with her sugar, more than usual anyway.  And
it seems to have started not long after the switch.  Could there be a
difference in absorption rate, due to the angle maybe?  And if so, does
anyone have any suggestions on how to start leveling it off some?  I cannot
tell if the absorption is worse or better, because the swings are from high
to low to high to low.  But there have been times when it was low three or
four times in a row, or high two or three times in a row.  In other words,
varies greatly!  :-)

Also, I was wondering about this comment:

>>>and not just before bed
>>>because the extended insulin

Does this mean that an extended bolus before bedtime does not work because
it interrupts the normal basal??  I didnt think the dual or square wave
interrupted the normal basal delivery.  But I have done this before and
noticed it didnt help and she ended up being high during the night.  Or is
this referring to a possible low in middle of night?

Angela, mom to Ashley 4, (dxd 1/01) & Kristina, 20 mo
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