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Re: [IPp] highs and lows


Please know I fully understand as Patricia is also that way alot. They are
finally saying some things that make sense but that I make sense too with my
knowledge and suggestions.
First you understand he has celiac disease and the gluten free foods do make
a difference in the digestion of it. That means some weird sugars and it
takes time to see how pumping with celiac can really make sense at times.
Second... he is now a teen and is in the way of most teens, whether diabetic
or not..Moods and emotions and big big changes in his life.
Third. He is still growing and that affects his swings too.
4. I would suggest that you do some meal fastings so you can read what his
numbers are when he does not eat..
I hope all works out soon for you.We still fight for good control but at
least we try and if you are giving it your best, go with confidence and
maybe you both have something good to suggest.

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