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Re: [IPp] highs and lows

> Should we try this set schedule? Will
> it help? We've done everything shes suggested, but the "pumping
> insulin" book says to set bedtime basals first, then daytime, then
> boluses.  We've been trying to doing both at the same time.  I know
> I'm running on and on, but I'm at a loss as to what to do.  We've
> only been pumping since May 20th - it's so frustrating, but better
> than shots and dry at night!!!

If basals are not properly set then you must constrain things until 
you can see the pattern necessary to make adjustments. You CAN NOT 
adjust more than one thing at a time or you will never get it 
straight. Your CDE is correct as is Pumping Insulin. Concentrate on 
getting night time basals set correctly first.  BTW, how long do his 
infusion sites last???  If you're not getting 3 days+ then there are 
other problems that will prevent you from setting basals. I ran into 
this with Lily when she switched to Humalog (when it came out) and we 
had to switch back to Velosulin to get her basals re-established. 
This was before the days of mixing insulins and it was really hard to 

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