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Re: [IPp] pumping & using lantus too?

> steven has been pumping since sept, and we are still having sticking
> issues. we have tried everything that has been recommended,
> including everything on the list at IP. yesterday, at the pool, his
> site came out, even tho it was held in place with mastisol. within 3
> hours, he had large ketones, and was feeling like crap. yes, i gave
> him an injection when the site came out, but obviously it wasnt
> enough. we spend every day at the beach/pool, and i am going to
> shoot myself. i want to givehim lantus for most of his basal, and
> just let the minimum basal thru in the pump, and use his pump for
> bolusing, and to cover his need for much more insulin at nite. endo
> said to try it.... what do you all think? -- 

You need to work on the "sticking" problem. Others have solved it 
successfully. Gabe is not the only kid (or adult for that matter) 
that spends lots of time in the water. Stick to it (no pun intended 
-- well maybe a little one :-)  and you will solve the problem.
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