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Re: [IPp] pizza question

> Hi Chris, Ah , pizza , what fun!
> We have found that it also makes a huge difference where the pizza
> is from. We regularly order from 2 places . One place Jack uses a
> normal bolus and we estimate about 15 grams for a 3 x 3 inch piece.
> The other place he uses a square wave over 4 hours for a piece
> abouit the same size. And then he also eats Market Day frozen mini
> pizzas and those are 47 grams and he needs a Dual wave

Frozen pizza only has a fraction of the carbs that you will find in 
"real" pizza parlor pizza. The frozen stuff skimps on everything, 
that's why it tastes some much better when it's "real". You'll find 
the real stuff is pretty consistent from place to place, but nothing 
like frozen pizza.
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