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Re: [IPp] high #'s after site change

Allison, just trying to cover all the bases here - are
you filling the cannula with .5-1u after insertion
(after removal of the introducer needle)? If so, you
might try using more. Some people swear by leaving the
old site in afterwards however, it isn't something that
everyone *must* do. We've never left the old site in
and the only time we ever had highs after a site change
was when we forgot to fill the cannula on a couple of
occasions. Leaving the old site in definitely wouldn't
work for my daughter - when her sites quit working,
they *quit*, so it would be pointless as she wouldn't
get any of that insulin anyway. When we put in a new
site she always drops afterwards so if it *did* work
for her, she'd be in trouble. YMMV :)
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