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[IPp] Re: pop-digest V1 #107

Hi, Friends -

We got my 4 year old daughter, Madison's, Paradigm pump delivered yesterday.
I don't have a date for a pump start yet.

I am trying to encourage her to wear "Silver" ( the name we gave the clear
pump) on a little pink clip belt I sewed for her of belting.  She is
interested in it sometimes and not others.  I even cut the cannula off of a
Quick Set and put it on her rear.  She pulled it off pretty quickly,  left the
room, and then in a few minutes was back wanting the "insertion" on.  She wore
the "insertion" all night (stuck on with Mastitol) , but pulled it off this
morning.  Earlier, she actually threw the pump off her sister's top bunk!
She is a very compliant child usually and not given to too many emotional
outbursts or misbehaviors.  I am just trying to let her get used to the pump
idea slowly.  She has always been QUITE compliant about blood testing and
shots... so I am not sure if she is really going to like being hooked up to
the pump.  She only weighs about 30 lbs and is petite, so even the Paradigm
seems kinda big.  Wish they made Paradigm cases in WHITE, like they do 508
cases.  The black case seems harsh for a little girl. She also LOVES dresses
and it complicates things with a pump.

Madison's control has much to be desired.  Mostly, she just needs such a small
"bolus" of Novolog that you just hate to give her a shot of 1/2 unit or less!!
And you never know WHEN she will really EAT a serving of a food or not.  So,
the pump should help that situation.

My 10 year old son has been pumping 15 months on a MM 508, so it is not like
Madison hasn't been around pumping.

Hopefully, all will go well.  Just wanted to update you on our situation.
This group is such a "constant help in time of trouble (or not trouble!!)

Sybil Fisher near Tyler Texas mom to 5 kids ages 4-15; Madison 4/98 diag. 1/00
and Morgan 6/92 diag.  6/99
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