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[IPp] highs and lows

I'm so depressed and frustrated today.  My CDE wants to see us at her office
on tuesday to "brainstorm".  We can't find any pattern to Devin's highs and
lows.  One night he runs high and another he runs low.  She suggested
"scheduled meal times" - yuck, it feels like going back to "forced feeding"
and eating to cover the insulin.  The best thing about the pump, was no more
forced eating and being able to eat when he wants to.  Now, she wants us to
only correct when over 200.  Isn't that too high?  She says there are too many
variables to see a pattern.  Should we try this set schedule? Will it help?
We've done everything shes suggested, but the "pumping insulin" book says to
set bedtime basals first, then daytime, then boluses.  We've been trying to
doing both at the same time.  I know I'm running on and on, but I'm at a loss
as to what to do.  We've only been pumping since May 20th - it's so
frustrating, but better than shots and dry at night!!!

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