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[IPp] We survived

We survived our first sight change by ourselves.  It took me a little while 
to get it done but I did it.  I had checked Jacob's bs about an hour before 
and it was 186 but right before the sight change it was 437 (no ketones).  I 
know that he still had about half of a bolus working from breakfast but I 
thought that it was really high for only an hour.  Although he did have 
cereal with marshmellows in it for breakfast.  Also when I pulled the old 
sight out it was bent in half.  Also where it was bent there was some white 
kind of stuff in it.  Do you think that it was some tissue or what.  We are 
on Novalog so it shouldn't have chrystalized.  A half hour later he is 
already down to 312.  So the new sight seems to be working really well.  Also 
the mark where the old sight was is almost gone already.  It was barely a 
tiny red mark when I pulled it out.  now it looks no worse than a shot.  
There is a lot of tape residue from the IV3000 though.  Got any tricks to get 
that off?  I tried baby oil but it just kind of rubs over the top of it and 
it doesn't come off.  TIA

Shanna and Jacob (5, dx'd 3-2-99, pumping Animas 6-26-02)
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