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Re: [IPp] Humalog to Novalog


Our CDE also looked at me like I crazy, when I asked about Novolog.  Emily
is on .1-.2 basal rates during the day and only got 1-1/2 days from site.
She also uses the 6mm quicksets, but refused to try the Sils like the CDE
recommended.  So the CDE gave me one bottle of Novalog to try, although, she
was sure I was wasting my time.  Well, we do get 3days + out of all our
sights now(Normally, always change in 3, but, sometimes, it can be 3 1/2)
We also don't have the fluctuations in Blood Sugars like we used to.....I
cannot figure out why endos and cde's don't seem to like to try Novalog.
( When Emily went to camp this summer and I told the check-in Dr. that she
was on Novolog, he said"Well, we won't hold that against you."  I thought
that was a very odd comment.

Novolog may or may not help you(your problem may be something else entirely,
but, you will never know unless they let you try it.  Good Luck!

Jeanne, Mom of Emily,9, dx'd l-11-01
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> JayJay has been getting a lot of 48 hour sites lately, so after so many
> reports from people who switched to Novolog, I called our endo's office.
> shot me down cold! She said there was no way that switching insulins would
> with site longevity. She wanted to know where I had gotten such a crazy
> and I told her exactly where. She suggested using a different infusion set
> told me to call MM and ask for samples of 9mm quicksets (we've been using
the 6
> mm QS). Actually she mentioned a few more sets to try if the 9mm doesn't
> Do any of you guys think that will really help? If so, I'll gladly try it.
> I know that if I could have spoken to our endo himself, he would have
called in
> a prescription for me. HE listens to me, whereas the CDE usually doesn't.
> also knows that when I've a made a decision regarding my son's care, I
> quit until somebody gives in. Problem is, it's nearly impossible to speak
> the man himself except in person at an appointment, which isn't for
another 6
> weeks. UGH!
> I also asked her for a prescription for a Freestyle Tracker and she had
> heard of it. I had to tell her what it was and where to look online to
find out
> about it. She said she would have to look at the website and call her rep
> (Thereasense rep, I assume) and see the product firsthand. She would have
> to "review" it and let me know. Completely unproductive phone call, and
> completely annoyed at the moment.
> So, could the 9 mm QS work? If it doesn't, I hate to put JayJay through
> trauma a new kind of set, he just getting used to doing set changes, and I
> actually don't need someone else to hold him down any more. Any disruption
> the routine could be very upsetting to him.
> Thanks for listening...
> Allie
> Mom to JayJay, age 4, dx'd @ 11 mos, pumping for 2.5 months with "Zero"
> Sadie, age 2 and
> Alden, 11 mos
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