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Re: [IPp] Humalog vs. Novalog

> Bob, We like humalog!  We tried the novalog that I feel is closer to
> R because its life is closer to 5hour than the 3 hours of humalog. 
> My 10 year old son is very sensitive to insulin when we tried it,
> and we did cut the basal amount down and the bolus amount down, we
> found that when snacking and bolusing and snacking and bolusing the
> way we do sometimes that unless you always reduced the amount of the
> next bolus because he had just bolused he would get sever lows about
> 2 hours later.   

What you describe is a good symptom for ratios being too low. i.e. he 
is bolusing slightly too much for his carbs. Even a 10% error will 
produce the symptoms you describe. Might be a good time to check his 

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