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Re: [IPp] Wasn't a bad sight

> It wasn't a bad sight.  We ended up bolusing twice for the high
> blood sugar because it had been 2 hours since the last bolus and he
> still wasn't coming down.  Then all of a sudden he started dropping
> really fast.  Before bed I gave him plenty to eat to keep his blood
> sugar up but despite that he dropped in the middle of the night. 
> Now I am thinking that his night time basal is too high.  I checked
> Jacob at 7am and he was 136, at 8am he was 94.  So too much.  I will
> be calling the doctor today to get it straightened out. 

Your doc's probably just going to guess. Read the basal rate HOWTO on 
the web site, the basal rate material in Pumping Insulin, and also 
check out the "Basal Rate Estimator" on the HOWTO pages of the web 
site to give you a better handle on managing this aspect of pump 
therapy. The more you know the better you can help your doc with the 

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