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[IPp] Re: Humalog to Novalog

> <<I have heard of exactly ONE child using the 9mm Quick-Sets.  I can't 
> imagine 
> how your CDE thinks that a 9mm cannula is going to improve site longevity 
> on 
> A FOUR YEAR OLD like you son.  Did she give you any explanation???  If it 
> were me, I would call her back and get real huffy with her and tell her 
> that 
> you just discovered that Novolog is the ONLY insulin that the FDA has 
> approved for use in insulin pumps and that you no longer want your son 
> using 
> insulin that has not been approved by the FDA for use in his pump and that 
> she needs to get a prescription for Novolog called in for you right away -- 
> and then don't take no for an answer.  Hopefully, the Novolog will solve 
> your 
> problem like it has for so many others . . . Good Luck!
> Lyndy>>

Well said Lyndy!  I agree completely with this advice.  Go for it, and don't 
be shy.  These are our kids and we need the best for them.
  Yes, changes are very traumatic for the little ones, this is not unusual.  
When I had to give Claire an injection this year when a site failed and she 
was up to 600, you'd think that it was the end of the world!!!  (quick-sets 
pop out of her tummy) Never mind that she had already had 5000 injections in 
her life.  My husband had to hold her down.  I also wondered whether changing 
from the Quick-sets to another set might improve her numbers.  However, the 
change to Novolog has been wonderful for us.  Three months now (as soon as it 
was available in Canada) and things are going so much better.
Good luck with your little guy.

Barbara, Mum of Claire 8
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