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[IPp] Wasn't a bad sight

It wasn't a bad sight.  We ended up bolusing twice for the high blood sugar 
because it had been 2 hours since the last bolus and he still wasn't coming 
down.  Then all of a sudden he started dropping really fast.  Before bed I 
gave him plenty to eat to keep his blood sugar up but despite that he dropped 
in the middle of the night.  Now I am thinking that his night time basal is 
too high.  I checked Jacob at 7am and he was 136, at 8am he was 94.  So too 
much.  I will be calling the doctor today to get it straightened out.  I am 
tired today but it is all still worth it IMO.  Just the look on Jacob's face 
when he knew that he didn't have to get a shot was all worth it to me.  We 
still have to figure out where to put his tubing.  I think that we are going 
to switch to a pump pack that way when Jacob pees 800 times a day like always 
we won't have to worry about tucking the tubing back in every time.  There 
was something very funny yesterday though.  Jacob takes his shorts off when 
he goes number 2 for some reason.  Well, when he did that yesterday he ended 
up getting the tubing between his legs somehow and so he came up to me 
complaining about his pump.  I didn't get what he was trying to tell me.  All 
of a sudden he yelled out, "Mom, it's in my butt and it is bugging me."  I 
about died laughing right there.

Shanna, Jeremy,
Hunter (b 7-22-00) and 
Jacob (b 4-22-97, dx'd 3-2-99, Pumping with Animas 6-26-02)
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