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[IPp] Is taking a 24 hr break from the pump possible?

Dear Parents,

I'll probably be donned the BAD MOMMY for this but,,,  It's been a crazy fun
filled vacation week of company/relatives/cousins, the night before the
water park her new site went bad again, I offered to give her a break, go
off the pump, inject Humalog several times (5-7 times/day when needed) just
for the next day so she could go to the water park without the pump,,, she
usually goes low anyway...

The day at the water park her numbers were anywhere from 50 to 350,,,
corrected with H with a total of 4 shots in about 10 hours... she seemed to
do fine,  (even though we are used to the 100 - 120 range)

BUT I don't think I'll offer a break from the pump again, she had a
difficult time getting the insertion site back in, she just plain didn't
want to get hooked up again,, it was so sad to see and all psychological,,
her bGs went way up, small keytones, and then way down again, I kept letting
her be the one to decide when to hook up, (she is 12 1/2)  giving her the
control over it all, she chose more shots of H, and ended up feeling sick
for a while, maybe a virus starting to kick in.

Now, with a new site, in a BRAND NEW location, her bGs are still unusually
sporadic, from 51 to 510 in a matter of hours... again small keytones, She
took 10  units of H to cover the 400bG plus a snack,  an hour later she was
510 ,,,  usually the higher the bG the longer it takes for her H to kick in
with her

Could this be because she was OFF of the constant flow of insulin for 24

I also suspect she is fighting a virus  - perhaps this all it is... I can't
imagine the 3rd site in 3 tries being bad... especially since she has
plummeted with this site in the last few hours.

Just curious if anyone else has experience this sort of bG swing after being
unhooked for over 24 hours.
I'll be checking her every 45 minutes, and just give a shot if she doesn't
start coming down but geeze,,, it's been an emotional few days here...
Connie Miller
Ariana dx 1999 at age 9
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