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Re: [IPp] Humalog vs. Novalog

> email @ redacted wrote:
> >My 5 year old started pumping last week. He uses a paradign pump with the 
> >silhouttes. He is pupming humalog, some of his basals are at 0 and last night 
> >after two days of use with this sight the insulin crystalized. I've been 
> >reading this group for about a month and everybody seems to promote the use 
> >of novalog. Are there any success cases with humalog? Our endo says we could 
> >use novalog when we started pumping but she never heard of the problems with 
> >humalog that we hear on this group. It sounds like everybody suggests novalog 
> >are there any humalog backer out there?
> >

It is highly unlikely that Humalog (or any other modern 
insulin) crystalizes after 2 days, the problem is elsewhere. Humalog 
is buffered so that these problems generally don't occur and the 
tubing used is specifically designed to prevent clogging and 
crystalization. There is a significant percentage of people that do 
not tolerate Humalog well. This is scientifically undocumented, 
however there is ample ancedotal evidence to support this. The mere 
fact that the medical community is unaware of the problem does not 
negate it. We KNOW that at least 6% of member Humalog users have 
difficulty with this insulin-analog. We also know that for those that 
do have difficulty, switching to another insulin or insulin analog 
seems to solve the problem. Switching to Novolog is not magical. 
Velosulin, Humulin, or almost any other insulin eliminates the short 
site life. Novolog is preferred because it has very similar (fast 
acting) properties as Humalog. Someday, perhaps, someone will 
actually do a "study" to prove what we already know.

email @ redacted
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