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Re: [IPp] continued question

> I have written a few times pertaining to my 7 year old doing well
> for the 1st day on a new site and then sometime during the second
> day the numbers start to fall apart..........240.....then 290 w/
> traces of ketones on some occassions. Many of you responded with
> changing the Humalog to Novolog and we are going to give Novalog a
> try....but I must admit that on the second day the sites look real
> good and even when we pull out the site and send a .3 prime through
> the cannula it delivers fine..... Is their a possiblilty that the
> insulin in the pump starts to lose effectiveness after being w/ him
> for 36 hours running, playing etc.........is it possible?

Sure if you leave you pump in the oven for a few hours or something 
like that :-)

the real test is to change ONLY the cannula. You'll find the 
"insulin" will work just fine at the new site for another day or so 
then crap out again. -- it's not really the insulin, it is failure of 
the site to absorb it. Some people's bodies just don't like one or 
the other of the insulin analogs.

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