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[IPp] change to novolog

I wanted to update the list as to how Amelia, age 8, pumping 18 months,
did with her change to Novolog.   Amelia's bgs were everywhere and I was
very frustrated.  She brought home a sample bottle of Novolog from camp. 
I contacted her doctor who was on vacation and in frustration and after
asking for advice from this list, I made the change.  Her first bg was
400....I wondered if I had done the right thing.  I did.  She then
leveled out and is hitting her target 5 out of 6 times!  The sites don't
seem to sting as much.  And we are now on day 3 of her site while the
humalog sites were lasting 2 days at the most.  As Amelia was running
high no matter how many basal changes I made while on the humalog, I am
not sure if her insulin needs changed or if the novolog itself made the
difference.  I have only decreased one basal by .1 so far.  Her doctor
did finally call me back and asked that I wait until August's appt. t! o
visit with him and then make the change.  I had to break the news that I
had tried it and she was doing great!  He called in the prescription for
us!  Amelia is growing and maturing a great deal at this time in her life
and the novolog seems to have helped us gain control!

Cheri, Mom to Amelia!


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