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[IPp] Re: ketones with in-range readings

<<Does anyone know why we might be seeing trace-small ketones when Jeremy's 
readings have been in range (or slightly low) for the past several days?  He 
has been able to drink them away, since his b.g. readings were fine and not 
showing need for extra insulin..>>

Hi Alison,
     Did you know that anyone can produce ketones?  He could have been 
producing ketones from not having enough carbs to eat, maybe too active for 
the amount of food he ate, or skipping a meal.
     Ketone production is a common side-effect of low carb diets.  Years ago, 
my GP called me back after a routine check-up because I showed ketones in my 
urine.  Asked me if I had skipped breakfast the day of the appointment, so I 
knew they were from not eating.  When Claire was dx, one of the first things 
I was taught was about ketones when bgs were high.  I was completely puzzled 
by this, as I knew that I had ketones when my bgs were a bit low.  The sad 
part of this, is that the nursed couldn't explain to me why you could have 
ketones with low bgs, and diabetics have them with high bgs!  I have had to 
teach myself everything about diabetes ever since.

Barbara, Mum of Claire 8> .
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