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re: [IPp] ketones with in-range readings

<<<<From: "Allison Leake" 
Does anyone know why we might be seeing trace-small ketones when Jeremy's 
readings have been in range (or slightly low) for the past several days?  He 
has been able to drink them away, since his b.g. readings were fine and not 
showing need for extra insulin.>>>>

We've seen this in the past with Luke when he was on injections & ill -
basically he wasn't eating enough & was dehydrating, so was showing ketones
even with lower bg's.  Our endo's instructions say in this case to give
sugared fluids to add carb & flush out the ketones - like Gatorade,
ginger ale, juice, etc.  I used to cut the juice 50% with water.  
You may still need to bolus for the carb depending on how much is
in there & how Jeremy's bg's are running.  Hopefully you have an endo
nearby that you can call to confirm.

Good luck - I know even trace ketones can keep you pretty worried.
Shelly V., mom to Luke, 7, dx'd 10/99, pumping 3/01

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