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re: [IPp] continued question

<<<<<<From: "Chris Dib"
I have written a few times pertaining to my 7 year old doing well for the
1st day on a new site and then sometime during the second day the numbers
start to fall apart..... Many of you responded with changing the Humalog to
Novolog and we are going to give Novalog a try....but I must admit that on the
second day the sites look real good and even when we pull out the site and send
a .3 prime through the cannula it delivers fine..... Is their a possiblilty
that the insulin in the pump starts to lose effectiveness after being w/ him
for 36 hours running, playing etc.........is it possible?

Funny also I might say that switching to the pump is both a joy and
much......much.....much....more work. Seems like your day is on a constant 2
hour schedule!!!!>>>>>>>>>

Well, Chris, seems like almost anything is possible with diabetes!
But we certainly had that experience with straight Humalog in our 7 year
old - the site would look fine, cannula was straight, and the pump would
deliver - but it was REALLY obvious from the high bg's & ketones that he
was not absorbing the insulin.  We've found that with Novolog that our
son does not produce ketones until his bg has been >400 or >250 for a
few hours - as opposed to with Humalog when he would show ketones as
soon as his bg was >= 240.  His endo believes that the Novolog is absorbing
better in him.   My advice:  try the Novolog & hopefully you'll gain
some respite from the work of pumping.  

Pumping is a lot of work - when things aren't going smoothly.  Trust me -
when they are, it's almost like having the "old" life back.  Let us know
how we can help you get things running smoothly!

Good luck,
Shelly V, mom to Luke, 7, dx'd 10/99, pumping 3/01 MM508, Novolog 10/01

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