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[IPp] re: high #'s after site change

<<From: "Chris Dib" <email @ redacted>
Has anyone experienced their child's sites lasting only a day and 1/2. About
50% of the time we can only get a day and 1/2. We're switching over to
Novolog and I think some of you explained that the switch might help.

Interested in how many of you might have experienced the same problem.>>>

Yes, our son Luke, now 7, had problems with sites lasting very long after
pumping for about 1 month on straight Humalog.  The Insulin-Pumper's database
shows about 5% of pumpers mixing insulin - that's what we did (Humalog +
Regular) and it helped extend the site life to 3 days.   We switched Luke to
Novolog in Oct. 2001, and his sites last as long as we want (we do 3-4 days),
as long as there aren't other issues like too much muscle etc.  I believe
Michael Robinton reported that the 5% of pumpers who were mixing insulin were
the ones having the site life problem.  

Our switch to Novolog was pretty smooth - about 2 weeks of very close
monitoring, and some tweaking of basals, but overall daily total usage, carb
ratio & correction ratio stayed the same.  YMMV.

I thought from the subject that you were having issues with highs right after a
site change.  We've not had that, unless the cannula gets bent, but some folks
have reported leaving the old site in for a few hours to prevent any loss of
insulin.  You might try that.   Just don't forget to take it out eventually.

Good luck,
Shelly V, mom to Luke 7, dx'd 10/99, pumping 3/01, MM508, Novolog 10/01

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