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Re: [IPp] Tip: for school bus rides

Even my 17 yo doesn't  know how to use it, although she does test and can
correct either way, so I'm confident that she would probably test him once
   meeting him on the bus.

Susan, why doesn't your 17 year old know how to do the glucagon?     That
was the first thing I taught our oldest two to know how to do before I'd
ever leave Zachary with them--especially when he was younger.    He was
always so active and never noticed his lows so you never knew when he'd
suddenly be so low that he could no longer be treated with anything else
but glucagon.    They've lucked out in that they've never actually had to
give him an injection, but they've known how to do it since each turned
11 or 12.

Out of curiousity, why do the little ones ride the same bus as the
high schoolers?   Do they also do all day kindergarden?


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