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Re: [IPp] high #'s after site change

> well we have been pumping for 2 1/2 yrs and i would be alarmed if
> every time we took out a site stuff 'oozed' out. it is not normal.

I think what we're discussing is merely a problem of perspective. You 
would not normally see anything ooze out of a removed cannula site, 
but some small (very small) amount of fluid will and does escape. If 
you pause to consider how really small a "unit" of insulin is, we're 
talking about 10 micro liters, you would not see it unless you used a 
magnifying glass. Occasionally more body fluid will leak out and is 
visible. There is nothing odd at all about body fluid escaping in 
this manner. Think what happens when you scrape your skin but not bad 
enough to cause bleeding -- it gets wet with body fluid almost 
immediately and will crust over when it dries. All of this is 
perfectily normal and not part of any process of infection, or 
reaction to the cannula other than the fact that when you remove it, 
a hole remains. The hole has to fill with something and you can bet 
it's not air :-)

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