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Re: [IPp] high #'s after site change

well we have been pumping for 2 1/2 yrs and i would be alarmed if every time 
we took out a site stuff 'oozed' out. it is not normal. i removed iv canulas 
every day from patients. most do bleed, but if anything else came out of 
there it would be a sign of alarm for me, as it would be infected. the same 
for a infusion set. if insulin or other fluid is leaking out, it isn't being 
absorbed, more likely infected.
we use rapids and never have had a bad site or infected site or anything 
oozing out of it. we have used other types with canulas but they do leave big 
holes that leave scar tissue after months you can still see them. with the 
rapids nothing oozes out, and no holes are left, you can't see where the 
needle was after you remove it.
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