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[IPp] Re:Supplies on the go

> <<One pumper mom told me she carries glucose tabs and the meter in her purse 
> - -- that's all.   I would love to be that lightweight!>>

Hi Alison,
     Yes, I am that lightweight too.  Claire uses the Ultra One touch meter, 
and in its zipped pouch I also carry 2 extra H-tron batteries, the plastic 
thingy to unscrew batteries  and enough dextrose for a low.  This is all I 
carry around normally.  Sometimes I will put more dextrose in my pockets, or 
there is always a good supply in the car.
     However, this is partially determined by where we live.  We are not in a 
large city, population is about 100,000.  So I don't feel that we could be as 
easily stranded in traffic or something like that.  When we go skiiing in the 
winter, it is only a 50 minute drive, but it is almost straight up the 
mountain.  Much more chance of being stranded up there in the endless snow 
that comes down!  They don't call it Big White for nothing.  I carry a bag 
which has an extra meter and strips, a syringe and small cartridge of 
insulin, glucose gel, Skittles, and extra Quick-set and IV prep.  I don't 
bring our extra pump, nor the Quick-serter, as I only have one of those.  
Can't leave the stuff in the car, as it is often too cold, but I worry about 
it being stolen from the locker, too.  
     At least on the pump, you don't have to carry an endless supply of 
snacks around!

Barbara, Mum of Claire 8
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