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[IPp] high #'s after site change

I have noticed about a 100 point spike in Jeremy's numbers in the first hour 
or so after a site change.  Fortunately, his numbers do start to come down 
with a correction bolus.  Does anyone know what might be causing this, 
assuming that the site is good (I know to switch site if he wasn't coming 
down with a correction)?  Also, is there anything you have done that 
prevents this spike?

Tonight, I tried bolusing him right before site change for a whopping 0.1 
unit, which was 30 mins worth of the basal he would be missing for that time 
period he was disconnected --  We still have our learning curve going on 
here ;)  That didn't seem to help.

He bolused for dinner and his bedtime reading (which is about 2 hours after 
dinner) came down from the pre-dinner reading, so I figure that something is 
working okay, but he was still just over the high side.

I would appreciate any tips you have on how to counteract this spiking.


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