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[IPp] supplies on-the-go

Can you please tell me what you carry your supplies around in, say, if you 
were out running around all day with your child?  Also, which particular 
supplies do you carry with you?

We previously used the large Dia-Pak type bag, that folds in thirds.  I love 
it, but now I am thinking that I might not need all of that stuff with me... 
  I am thinking of down-sizing, but at this point, I am afraid to NOT have 
something with me...  As big as that bag is, it fits in the tote I carry, 
but little else does.  :)  Here's what I take with us:

Meter, strips, lancet pen, a couple of extra lancets.
Band-aids, neosporin packets -- gotta have these, trust me.
Foil-wrapped ketostix and color chart.
Glucagon, cake gel, glucose tabs in tube.
Insulin pen and pen needle.
Extra pump battery -- we use the Paradigm ;)
Ice pack

We figure we would do a site change at home, so I won't carry all of that 
with me.

One pumper mom told me she carries glucose tabs and the meter in her purse 
-- that's all.   I would love to be that lightweight!

Thanks for your replies,

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