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What Im not understanding is the purpose of shooting through the tape.  I
thought the tape was to hold the set down?  But by doing this, the set is on
top of the tape, right?  Are you using the sandwich method and putting
another tape on top?  And is this because the set is sticking better to the
tape instead of his/her skin??

Hi Angela,

We use the first layer of tape for a couple of reasons.  In our saline trial 
and the first set inserted with insulin, we DID NOT use the tape barrier on 
his skin.  He complained of the site itching both times,  by the second day 
after insertion.  He loves the QuickSets and since they are working for us 
right now, we are keeping them.  Also, when we removed the first site after 
pump start, it left a sort of "suction" mark with 2 tiny blister-looking 
bumps.  (This has taken 12 days to go away, using Neosporin, but did not 
hurt him while it was healing.)  We thought that might change if we used a 
layer of tape first, and sure enough, we have not had that problem again.  
Also, no complaints of any itching.

I had heard that the set sticks better to tape than to skin.  In our case, 
with the first 2 times I mentioned above, the adhesive on the QuickSet stuck 
fine directly on his skin, covered by IV3000 (as you do).  We see that the 
first layer of tape works well as a barrier for Jeremy, so that's why we are 
doing it.  We do quickly disconnect and cover the QuickSet white tape with 
another piece of IV3000, to make our "sandwich".

Please e-mail me if I misunderstood.  Talk to you later,

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