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> Carol:
> After you put on the skin bond....do you use a special tape or the tape
> came with your insertion set?
> Thanks
> Chris


We use the insertion sets that came with the Animas.  They are like the
Sils.  They're inserted at a 30 degree angle with a longer needle.  We don't
use extra tape (tried IV3000 & tegaderm, but my son doesn't like them,
complains of itching) We just put the Skin Bond on his abdomin and insert
the needle right in front of it, so when we put the front tape (from the
set) down the Skin Bond is under it.  Then, he removes the needle, we put
some Skin Bond under where the other half of the tape will go, then remove
the paper over the other half of the insertion set and afix to skin.  It's
fairly quick and easy and it stays put real well, even with all the swimming
he does here in Arizona.  I think alot of it is just trial and error.  Keep
trying different things to see what works for you.  When Devin started on
his pump (just last month) I went to the medical supply store and bought
several different adhesives and tapes to try.  Hope this helps!

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