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Tried one of the tapes and was told to shoot through the tape but it bent
the cannula and we didn't find out about that for a couple of hours.  What
method do you guys use to tape? Do you shoot right through the tape?

How do you remove the dressing. We have used Uni-Solve for the sof-set and
it works great, however will it work on the other more water resistant

We have been using IV3000.  Jeremy swims 3 times a day at camp, for about 
30-45 minutes each time.  We put down IV3000, shoot through the tape (we 
will do this until we get a bent cannula, or until I can figure out how to 
aim well through a small cutout hole while using the inserter), and then put 
another IV3000 over it.  His sites have been looking good and lasting for 3 
days.  We are not going more than 3 days at this point, since we are new to 
this and don't want to push our luck with all of the swimming and sweating 
he does.  We are using the QuickSets and have had no problem with them 
coming out and not too many out-of-range numbers (they could be explained 

Sometimes we can just pull the tape off really easily, other times it's more 
sticky and we use tea trea oil (to loosen the adhesive).

I hope this helps.  :)

-- Allison

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