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[IPp] Re: Novalog

> <<Any info pertaining to the difference of using Novalog vs. Humalog. Is
> Novalog dosed the same as Humalog....meaning if you switch does the doseage
> stay the same>

For Claire things stayed the same.  Others have reported that their insulin 
needs dropped with Novalog.  We are really thrilled with bg control with 
Novalog.  Almost at the 3 month mark, have only had 6 days (2 sites) with 
unstable bgs.  (could be for any number of reasons)   However, this happened 
really often with Humalog, sometimes for weeks on end.  Then suddenly, bgs 
would be stable again.  
     Another thing to note about Novalog--compared to Humalog it can take 
quite a bit more heat.  Rep told me it is stable right up to 37 degrees C. or 
body temperature.

Barbara, Mum of Claire 8

Barbara, Mum of Claire 8
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