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You seem to have a great deal of experience in this matter...so I am asking 
you this question.
I recently had my annual PPT meeting with my sons school.  For some reason 
the principal did not attend.  The school nurse, his speech teacher, a school 
social worker, and myself were all that attended.  We had many meeting at the 
beginning of the school year about my five yr old having Diabetes, and the 
concerns that I had.  Anyways, about two months ago, the principal called me 
to say that they did not include the medical plan I typed up in with the IEP, 
they had dropped the ball. And that we would have another meeting to include 
one.  So I typed up anther medical plan this one with more detail and 
presented it at our last meeting. Well, when the meeting was over, I asked if 
the IEP was to be signed or at least the medical plan that was to be included 
be signed by everyone attending the meeting. They all said no that IEP's are 
not signed. So nothing was signed. Well this is bothering me and I want to 
know what you think.  Should I let this go, or should I push for another 
meeting with the principal there and have it all signed???? Let me know.
Pump-mommy to Matthew (5) dx 3/99, pumping-Paradigm since 5/1/02
and to Victoria (7), non-D
West Hartford, Conn.
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