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Re: [IPp] Novalog

On Sun, 16 Jun 2002, Chris Dib wrote:

> Any info pertaining to the difference of using Novalog vs. Humalog. Is
> Novalog dosed the same as Humalog....meaning if you switch does the doseage
> stay the same.
> Thanks

I've collected reports about this since Novolog was introduced in the US.
For most "normal" people, there probably is not any difference in using
Humalog vs Novolog -- the doses reported by individuals that were in the
Novolog approval trial that previously used Humalog were identical. Where
dose differences appear seems to be in individuals that have previously
reported difficulties with Humalog. The reports typically come from our
H/V insulin mixers which make up about 6% of the pump population using
this forum. For example, my daughter mixed H & V because she experienced
very short site life with straight Humalog, but could use it succesfully
if mixed. When she switched to Novolog, her insulin requirements dropped
30%. Others have reported decreases in insulin use, but none any greater
drops, most less.

Bear in mind that all of this is ancedotal. It is what has happened to a
few other people based on their emailed reports.

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