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Re: [IPp] water park field trip

On Sat, 15 Jun 2002, Allison Leake wrote:

> I would really appreciate some advice on this -- our first attempt at
> disconnecting for what will probably be more than an hour and we are so
> inexperienced at this point...
> Jeremy's (non-diabetes)camp is going on a field trip to a local water park
> this week.   His head counselor has been great with frequent blood testing,
> covering lows, bolusing for meals, snacks and a few highs (just finished our
> first week pumping).
> Due to the hectic nature of water parks and the newness of the pump to all
> involved, I am going to meet them at the water park so that I am available
> for hands-on assitance with Jeremy.  My primary reason is so that I can make
> sure he boluses for missed basals and/or correcting high b.g. readings.  I
> need to do this for my peace of mind.
> Here's what I am thinking we will do:
> - test when he arrives
> - disconnect (he typically goes low swimming)
> - re-test after 45-60 mins
> - bolus to correct high b.g. readings and/or lunch
> Should I do the above as well as bolus him when he gets there for the missed
> basal amount for the first disconnected hour?  I figured that if I
> front-load the missed basal before he even starts, that might make him go
> low...
> Also, if he reconnects to bolus for lunch, will he still run the risk of
> going high, since he will not be connected while his food is digesting (he
> won't be needing a dual or square wave for his lunch).
> Thanks so much for helping with your advice!

My exeperience with this with my daughter when she was younger was that
she did not need the missed insulin -- going all day without her pump left
her bg's pretty close to what they should have been anyway. The extra
exercise and the constant immersion in cool water burned whatever glucose
that her basal would have covered. She checked when she was hungry --
usually 2 - 3 times during the day and bolused to correct and for the
food. This usually inculuded burgers and fries then one of those sloppy
ice cream things with the busted up cookies. She guesstimated the carbs
pretty well.

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