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[IPp] Pump problems

Ben was diagnosed 2001 in May.  His HgA1c's since 7-01 have ranged from
6.2 - 6.5, with a 9.3 on 5/12/01 at diagnosis.  Ben started pumping
April 19, 2002.  Even the first night in the hospital we had trouble,
unexplained highs at night that was not going down with boluses via the
pump.  We initially were using the silhouette with his new Paradigm pump
from MM.  This was bending off, probably hitting muscle most of the
time.  Ben has very little soft tissue and even now we can only use his
buttocks.  We then swithched to the Quickset after weeks of this fun,
6mm, and using only the buttocks, because even this would bend off when
using the abdomen.  We still had problems at night when his basal was .1
or .2 /hr, his sugars would go up slowly and the sight would be good and
small boluses would cause him to be too low.  So then I started diluting
Humalog again.  I make U25, I had done this since 9-01.  I used this in
the pump and told the pump I'm using U100, so 4x the amount of insulin,
this helped.  His basals run between .1 and .25/hr.  His sights would
get some minimal reddness at times with the bump like a suction cup at
the insertion site.  Last week, we started getting highs again
irratically after less than 2 days after a site change.  I changed the
site and everything last Thursday morning, the site looked okay no
reddness but there was some blood that oozed from it and Ben was
complaining more that usual.  That evening my husband noted that pus
came from the  that site and it was surrounded by redness, with a bump
palpated under his skin at the center of the redness.  Ben responed to
warm soaks and antibiotics.  I had called my endo earlier last week
thinking to switch to Novolog, because of the unexplained highs and his
sugars getting higher after 1 1/2 day on Humalog that had been occuring
now for a while, but he did not feel that was the problem or a good
reason to go through the switch.  Sorry that this is so long.  I was
wondering if any one is diluting Novolog?  and what are they using for
Diluent?  Any advise please forward.  Thanks,
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