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Re: [IPp] water park field trip


I have only been pumping with my son for a little over a month now. But my 
opinion on this matter is that when your son arrives at the water park:
1. test his blood sugar.
If he is within your target range, disconnect him for one hour
If he is low then give him 8 grams of carbs (like two glucose tabs) and 
If he is high, then give him the correction and leave him connected, re check 
in one hour to see if his blood sugar went down, if so, then disconnect at 
that time and re test again in an hour.
2. Continue testing every hour and as long as his blood sugar is in range 
then bolus him the missed basal, if he is running high, give him a correction 
and leave him connected again for the next hour. If he is low then keep him 
disconnected and treat your low the way that you have been taught.

My son just disconnected for a Field Day at school, and his blood sugars were 
great the whole time and even the rest of that night...with my doing what I 
have typed above.

Good Luck, but most of all....HAVE FUN!!!
Pump-mommy to Matthew (5) dx 3/99, pumping-Paradigm since 5/1/02
and to Victoria (7), non-D
West Hartford, Conn.
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