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Re: [IPp] water park field trip

Hi Patricia has been pumping for 1 year, as of March 4, 2001. She has done
day camps, gym classes, 30 hour famines for World Vision and school field
trips and dramas. She took a trip with us that took us 14 hours on the road
to reach where we were headed. We took whole days at Water theme parks and
also swimming the day at friends and their pools.

We do not give extra insulin before she starts her activities. We do request
she test more often and make sure she tests before she starts anything. Cool
water tends to bring her sugars down faster than a heated pool. She
disconnects before going in the water and will test after an hour for the
first test. Then she may wait to retest depending on what she is doing. We
like her to drink a Gatorade type drink as it seems to help keep her more
level. She also has celiac disease so we have to send her extra foods in
case she needs it. We usually give her a carb snack and do not bolus for it
when having a heavier more active day. I do hope this helps you decide that
you must learn as you go.Every event, every activity is different and you
will soon see patterns that fit your child. All the best and keep us
informed on how it goes.

Jana in Nova Scotia
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