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Re: [IPp] At the beach

Call me paranoid (go ahead, it won't bother me) but when it comes to that 
precious pump, I just can't bring myself to sticking it in a cooler 
(especially after hearing the story of the fella on IP last summer who had 
his cooler stolen at the local pool, and his pump along with it).  Katie 
doesn't have to disconnect (she has an Animas pump), but sometimes she 
chooses to (such as on the rides at the water park).

She's not yet old enough to be at the pool or the beach without an adult 
close by, so for now, when she choose to disconnect, one of the adults wears 
her pump (in a baggie in one of the neoprene pump sport belts we got from 
unique accessories).  When we're at the pool or the beach, we're in the water 
a lot with the kids and aren't the type to bake our skin in the sun so this 
seems to work well as far as keeping from losing the pump or cooking the 

Katie's already been thinking about when she'll be old enough to go to the 
beach by herself (or at least park herself far enough away from the rest of 
the family so as not to be an identifiable member thereof -- lol!) . . . What 
we came up with is going to take two identical beach towels and use the 
second one to make kind of a pillow part to sew one to one end that also 
serves as a pocket where she can discretely stash her pump (in a frio pack) 
and her meter etc. without them getting roasted and without them being out in 
a cooler or beach bag that might as well have "steal me" written on them . . 
. as I said, I'm paranoid, and even though the pump is insured, I'm really 
more worried about her being off someplace without having what she needs . . .

just my 2 cents . . .

pumpmama to Katie
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