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[IPp] At the beach

At the beach, there are really two concerns - what the water and/or sand
does to the pump, and what the heat does to the insulin.  The Animas ought
to do fine with the water and sand - just rinse it off with fresh water
before you open any of the compartments.  And as far as the heat, the
insulin can handle up to about 90 degrees.  If it's hotter than that, we
usually have a cooler of drinks anyways, and just drop the pump into the
cooler.  If you have a non-water proof brand of pump (like a Minimed 508),
put it into a zip-lock bag and drop it into the cooler, or use one of those
frozen plastic things in the cooler so that there's no melted ice.
Have fun!
Nancy Morgan, mom of Jenna, age 13, dx'ed age 8, pumping (H-tron) age 9, and
Minimed at age 13
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