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[IPp] Re: Pump Poll

My son is 13, very athletic, and dealing with excessive sweating, acne, etc.  
He has very little body fat.   He uses the Micro softsets.  Jake practiced 
with the Quickset, but they were back ordered and not available at his pump 
start, so he was sent the micros, and has chosen to stay with them.  He uses 
the insertion device, the IV prep, and uses both of the tapes that come in 
the set package, placing the tapes opposite directions on his abdomen for 
added safety( we have had sets pulled out by hockey sticks, arms of chairs, 
and misc. PE equiptment).  He easily pulls out the set when it is time to 
change, if any redness, rash, itching appear, we use Neosporin, and it 
usually is gone within 12hrs.  

Jake is usually very "private" about his site, not wanting anyone to see it 
except family.  We passed a milestone yesterday when the temp hit 94, and 
Jake took part in sprinkler activities with his 2yr old niece.  Shirt off and 
wholehearted laughing.  It was a heartwarming site to his father and I.  It's 
been a long year!

Judy, mom to Jake, 13. pumping since 8/01
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