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[IPp] What questions do you ask; Novalog switch; Paradigm update

The most important question to ask at training is, "How do I find help at 1
am when everything has gone ka-flooie?"  Because, unfortunately, that's when
it does go ka-flooie and you need help the most.  The other thing to ask is
how the trainers want you to handle changes in basal rates and other
"flexible" matters.  I have always felt pretty free to change whatever
seemed to need adjusting - basal rates, bolus ratios, correction ratios,
types of sites used - according to my best judgement, and ask for help only
when I didn't know what I was doing.  But, some trainers seem to like to
have a tighter rein on things, and want you to consult with them first.
Just find out how they like to handle it.

And on other topics, when we switched to Novalog, we just did it.  Jenna is
in the middle of a growth spurt, so her basal rates have been going up
steadily, so I can't comment on whether that was the Novalog or just growth
(but my gut impression is that it was just growth).  Her A-1-C's did drop a
whole point (7.4 to 6.4) after the switch, I thought it was a laboratory
error because I just didn't think her numbers had been that much better.
Maybe the Novalog had something to do with it.

Minimed isn't being very considerate with their Paradigm update for sure.
In North Carolina, there's only one date in August (August 23), only in
Charlotte.  That isn't at all convenient for me, but all the rest of the
dates for the other cities in NC were all in November.  I don't know where
they're going to be between August and November, but those seem to be the
two dates given!  I also was in a panic because the Minimed rep told me (on
the phone) that there wasn't a silouette that worked with the Paradigm - and
Jenna just doesn't do the other sets well at all.  But, everything I've
gotten since then says there is a Sil for the Paradigm.  Are any of you
using it?  It would rest my mine to know that there really is a Paradigm

Nancy Morgan, mom of Jenna, age 12, dx'ed at 8, pumping at 9

Nancy Morgan, mom of Jenna, age 13, dx'ed 2/98, pumping 9/98
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