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Re: [IPp] pump poll


This info applies to my son who is 12, but small for his age.   He's only
pumping since February.

<<What kind of set do you use and why?>>
  We use the Quick-Sets.   Zach  refused to even consider the pump after
   seeing a few other kids get ones that used the silhouettes.   The
   are great because disconnecting is easy and there isn't any tail left
   on him to bother him while he's showering or swimming.

<<Do you use an insertion device to put that set in? >>
    Yes.   We have the inserter for the Quick-Sets.   But, you don't
    really need one if you don't want to use it.   They go straight in,
    so it would be the same action like a pushpin into a bulletin board.

<< Do you use any sort of skin barrier (ie IV 3000)? >>
We just use IV-Prep.

<<Do you use any extra tape or adhisives?>>

<<If you do you extra tape or adhesives, do you use them all the time or just

for things like swimming?>>
So far, (and we've been swimming for two weeks now with an average of
2-5 hours a day there)  we've only lost one port.

<< Do you use anything to remove the sight (ie baby oil)? >>
We use baby oil.   Zach being a typical boy wasn't scrubbing the
adhesive off well enough and would come out of the shower with gray rings
every few nights after a site change.   With the baby oil, we just put a few
drops on the cotton ball and even he can get it to wipe off real easy.


Barbara A. Petzoldt - Pump Mama to Zachary (12)
Fenton, MO
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Independent Kitchen Consultant for The Pampered Chef.
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