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Re: [IPp] pump poll

We have been pumping for only two weeks, but here's what we do.  Lauren
is six years old.  We use comforts because they came with our pump and
they have the little window so you can see how the skin looks around the
cannula.  However, we just had an appointment today and I have some
samples of the Ultraflex set to try because I found it difficult to put
the Comfort in at a consistent angle.  Maybe an inserter would help (we
don't use one), but I'm going to try the Ultraflex first.  I don't think
Animas has an inserter available yet, but I was told it will be available

We use IV Prep, and have had no problem with sites staying on or being
too difficult to remove.  However, there have been some times that
Lauren's skin looks irritated through the comfort window and after we
remove the infusion set.  Her CDE suspects the IV Prep, so we are going
to try using only antibacterial soap before inserting a new set.  We do
not currently use IV 3000, but if we find the sites don't stick in the
water after eliminating the IV Prep, we are going to try IV 3000 with no
IV Prep.  We use no other stuff, but have not had a full day in the water
yet, just an hour or two of swimming at a time.  I plan to put an IV 3000
over her site when she is at the beach.  She gets really sandy at the
beach and it seems like it would be easier to remove an extra dressing
than to clean all the sand away from the site.  (If anyone else has input
on this, please email me.)

I use vitamin E oil to help remove leftover adhesive and I usually put a
little antibacterial cream on the old site when we first take it out.

Hope this helps.


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