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[IPp] Re: limited site useage--Novolog

<<I have been so tempted to change Amelia's insulin from humalog to Novolog
but her next endo appointment isn't until August.  Her numbers just
aren't where I want them to be and her sites only last 2-3 days.  We
received a bottle of Novolog in her "camp freebies" and I am wanting to
try it over the weekend when I am home and with her 24/7.  Any
suggestions from those of you that have switched insulins?  Any advice is
greatly appreciated.>>

I switched Claire over to Novolog during March break, as soon as it was 
available here in Canada, and it was when she was home with me all day.  
Basals and bolus ratios have remained the same for her, as on Humalog  A few 
weeks after the switch she started having mild lows, so I lowered daytime 
basals a bit, but then I had to raise them back again.  (It was probably just 
due to warm April weather. )
     We have been extremely pleased with the Novolog.  Her numbers have been 
really stable, and now that we are in our third month of using it I am 
letting myself believe that this might be permanent!!  Claire did not 
experience early site failure with Humalog, but had very erratic bgs at 
times.  Other times things were as expected and so it was very frustrating. 
     It would have been interesting to have a HbA1c done just as we started 
the Novolog, and then another a couple of months later, to see the 
difference.  But this didn't happen.  However, her HbA1c done on May 13th was 
7.1, this is down from a pre-pump HbA1c always around 10, once 11 at which 
time the Endo turned us down for a pump ("you need better control first").  I 
found a new Endo quickly.  
Barbara, Mum of Claire 8
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