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Re: [IPp] Got our letter---now we're upset

Oh my gosh...I feel so bad you and especially for Zach.  
I had my share of problems this year as well, with it being my five yr old 
first year at school being in grade K.  I did the whole run around thing too, 
had the meetings, wrote the IEP, then was told six months later that they 
somehow did not put the medical plan in to it.  Well, I called the lawyer at 
our Children's Hosp and that scared them enough, as well as a phone call to 
the superintendent of schools threatening a nice news cast on the issue of 
children with Diabetes in our local schools.  That got their attention.  I 
wrote the medical plan myself and when I went to our last meeting I refused 
to leave until everyone signed it.  My son will be repeating grade K next 
year and I have already made sure he does not get the same teacher, since she 
is a flake and she has missed more school than my son has this year.  No one 
is a better advocate for their child than their parents. I truly believe that 
too. Until my son is old enough to actually be "heard", I will continue to 
speak for him, and believe me...I WILL be heard. The school now knows this.  
Hang in there, I hope next school year is a better one for you all.  I cannot 
even imagine my son being scared to go to the nurse, especially since he goes 
about six times a day...either high, low, correcting, re-testing, etc.....
The nurse informed me today, that after a year, she has finally added me to 
her speed dial list....I never laughed so hard.
When I first showed her the medical plan I wrote up, I had put at the very 
end of it that it is subject to change at any time, meaning his meal 
boluses....insulin to carb ratio's.  She said that she would not change 
anything unless it was written by a doctor, so I out smarted her, and had our 
Endo write up an order stating what his current rates are, and adding that it 
is subject to change per the advice of the parent.  She did not like that 
much, but hey, it was doctors orders.....
I just cannot believe the ignorance that some people have towards this 
disease, especially children with Diabetes, if I were a nurse at a school, I 
would welcome the opportunity to learn more.
Good Luck to you again!
Pump-mommy to Matthew (5) dx 3/99, pumping-Paradigm since 5/1/02
and to Victoria (7), non-D
West Hartford, Conn.
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